Nattergalen teaser trailers

I produced two teaser trailers for Ida's new book series, to be released in Norway. One at 1:21 and a 30 sec. version. I used Ida's cover artwork for the first two books, and keyed in some extra scenes to flesh out the story. Ida illustrates her own books, so to keep it in her style, she did most of the finishing touches on the extra artwork. I also wrote the music, using Garage Band on the iPad. The only audio equipment I possess, are internal speakers on some mac hardware, plus cheap headphones. So it is hard to judge if the mix is ok or not. Plus, I don't really write music in the first place. I used After Effects and Premiere for this project. I love both those programs. After Effects, in particular, is so much fun. Sadly, it is one of those programs I only pick rarely.

Long version

30 second version

Nattergalen is, at least at the moment, only being published in Norwegian. For potential readers, you can find more info on its Facebook page.