We made a commercial!

My wife is going to be the instructor for a writing course at Forfatterskolen, a Norwegian online writer’s school. They asked her if she could make a video they could use for marketing. Ida is a highly creative individual, and came up with a really fun idea. Far too ambitious for something that does not have a budget and something we had no time to do, we set out producing it. Ida filmed almost all of the clips herself with our RX-100, it was all assembled in Premiere, and some of the shots have some After FX work on them. I am kind of proud of the music I wrote for it. Garage Band on the iPad is incredibly intuitive, and the only music program I know how to use. It is so much fun to use.

Sometimes it is super fun to blast through something you normally don’t do. There are so many things I have been wanting to do, but never get around to. A project like this is a great way of testing tools and techniques you otherwise would not touch.

An open birthday letter to my sister

Kjære Tone,

Today you reached the age of 40! Happy birthday! I wish we could have celebrated your day together. Unfortunately, that is not possible. A long time ago, you cut all contact. One day you told your family on the phone from Graz, Austria that you needed somewhere between 3 months and 3 years to find your true self. That’s now over 15 years ago. Time does fly. And sadly, it does not come back. The last time I saw you, you were only 24. I never got to meet you in your thirties. I will never have that pleasure.

A story has two sides, and we only know our side to it. We don’t know what happened to you. We wish we had some answers, but we don’t. Our letters have been returned unopened. There is no phone number for us to call. We have no email. We can only hope you are happy. It seems so crazy that in a time of all this great communication technology, we can not reach you. But then I thought maybe an open letter will reach you some day.

So I hope you will read this. We think about you. We miss you. And we worry about you. Because you are our sister, daughter, cousin, best friend, and also, aunt. Almost two years ago, a niece of yours was born. She is so beautiful, Tone. Her love, warmth, laughter and playfulness gets to us all. Had she met you, I know she would have loved you too. And the Tone I remember, would have been a great aunt. Can you remember how nice it was to have an uncle and aunt, or grandparents to visit? It breaks my heart that you are missing out on all of this, and I don’t think this is what you signed up for.

You see, I don’t think cutting contact was your decision in the first place. It probably felt like it was your decision, but I think you were manipulated in to believing so. Can I know this for sure? Of course not. But your boyfriend did do some peculiar things. Here are some of the things we know happened over time:
- He completely removed you from your own environment, placing you in a new home, in a new country far away.
- He changed your diet.
- He changed your clothing style.
- He removed access to your friends and family, and took away their access to you. Total isolation.
- He changed your way of expressing yourself.
- He changed your language.
- He made you go through a step-based system he had you go through so you could get to know “the true you”.

We know of more, but this selection will get the point across anyway. On their own, most of these things are not a big deal. But if you put all of them together a pattern starts appearing. And that looks a lot like mind control techniques. There is a lot of information about this on the internet, often provided by people that have broken out of a cult. However, you don’t need a big cult for this to work though. One person can also do this. This person needs to get your trust. Then he or she have to abuse that trust to hijack your faculties. And if this is person does it right, you will be convinced no one ever did this to you.

The person that could shine a light on a lot of this, would be your partner. But he will not talk to us directly. He will not even grant your family a way of contacting you if a tragedy where to occur. And If something should happen to you, we have no reason to believe he plans on telling us. I think most people will agree that’s not nice.

I wonder why he is so shy of contact. No one wanted him anything but well. He was a guest in your parents home. He celebrated Christmas with us. It is hard to see any reason he would have to trash your family. If I could guess, it would be for controlling a narrative he is carefully directing. Anyone objecting to it would be very dangerous to the house of cards he has built. This house of cards controls your freedom.

But you are free, and not forgotten. Your friends and family would really like to one day hear from you again. We are out here, and we are easy to find. My birthday gift from me to you is this letter. I hope it will remind you of all the love and friendships you have.

Happy birthday, my dearest sister. We love you so much.


We are now voice actors!

My friends at Polygon Treehouse is hard at work making Röki, an adventure game set in Scandinavia. They asked my wife and me if we could do placeholder vocals for one of the side characters. They wanted to check if a Scandinavian accent would bring more authenticity. Turns out, they were so pleased with our performances, they offered us roles in the actual game!

Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou rented a sound studio in Oslo and got on a plane to direct the recording. We had a brilliant time. Hopefully, we also produced some good audio!

Alex trying to direct a massively unexperienced voice actor…

This seemed to go much better.

This is the first time any of us are doing any acting work. But the main character is voiced by actress Ingvild Deila. She did the voice for CG Leia Organa in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Needless to say, she is vastly more experienced than us. I am really excited to see and hear the final results. Alex produced a blog post about her work for Röki, which you can read here!

It is almost always good fun to try new things. This was definitely one of the more fun “jobs” I have ever done. Maybe I should try to get more voice work in the future?

Amundsen main poster

So after releasing the teaser posters, work ramped up on the main poster. It had started much earlier, with a rather big amount of sketches and approaches. The final result is a merger of several ideas. Director Espen Sandberg wanted a dark poster for his film, and I was very happy to go there.

Amundsen was the first man on the South Pole, but his ultimate goal was to discover the North Pole. He is a man of many achievements, but his character is quite mysterious. His obsession and drive to explore these dark and unwelcoming places, mixed with an enigmatic character was my main inspiration driving my creative process. Again, big thanks to Espen Sandberg and Motion Blur to let me be a part of this adventure.

These days we are staying in my local town of Årnes, giving our daughter a chance to be together with her grandparents. Or maybe it is the other way around? I walked past the cinema the other day, and loved their placement of the big poster in front of their Dolby Atmos hall. Always nice to see something I’ve made on local display. :)

Ny oppdatering i serieromaner

Jeg har lagt ut 18 nye illustrasjoner i galleriet for serieromaner. Anna fra Røros får 4 nye denne gang. Morgensol får 3, Papirhuset 4, Tårnhuset 3, Nattlys 3 og 1 i Over Skyene.

Teaserposters for Amundsen, a film by Espen Sandberg.

I have been involved in this project making film posters and graphic design. Working for Motion Blur AS is always exciting, challenging and a great pleasure. I should have posted these on a much earlier stage, but it is far too easy to a blog and a website to get neglected.

Roald Amundsen is a Norwegian national hero and icon. Short bio: He was the first man on the South Pole. Probably, he was the first man to see the north pole, definitely the first man to fly over the north pole, the first man to cross the northwest passage and northeast passage. He disappeared in the artic ice during a rescue mission and his body was never found.

I made two teaser posters. One for each pole. I hope you like the result.

The Blenderguru beer

I try to tinker with Blender whenever I have time. For those who don't know, Blender is a free 3D software package. It also runs on my mac, which is great. I There is a lot of good resources online for learning, but I've found blenderguru.com to be very useful. You can find many great tutorials on his website. The one I used for this image, you can find here. If you want to try to make your own beer, all the resources you need for this are free!

I think I ended up with a pretty looking render, but my beer had no brand. I am not sure if Tony Yates has a brand or not, but he sure knows how to brew some great tasting beer. Unfortunately, I live far, far away from Tony. But in a parallel universe, I am frequent guest in his awesome microbrewery, sipping some damn tasty beers.


Teaser trailers for Nattergalen

I have produced two trailers for the upcoming book series authored by my better half. I've had a great time using After Effects and Premiere again. They are both great softwares, but After Effects is really cool. Sadly, I rarely use it, as my projects usually doesn't requires it. So I have to re-learn a bunch of stuff every time I open it. Maybe this time around, I will have more time for it. 

The trailer started as a piece of music I wrote in Garage Band on the iPad, being inspired by Ida's script. I added a simple sidescroller with some words and sketches. It was only meant as a little gift to her. But our response from her publisher was really good, and we decided to refine it, finish it and publish it. 

Her publisher also asked if I could produce a shorter version that was better for marketing. So I re-composed the music, re-edited the footage, changed a few things around, and ended up with this.

I am quite pleased with how they both turned out. Ida illustrates her own books, and it is her artwork that is being featured in the trailer. Personally, I am quite pleased with the music I wrote. It is not something I really do, and I wouldn't know how to use any other music software than Garage Band. I just found it very intuitive. I probably should have used better speakers than my earplugs, cheap headphones and internal speakers on my hardware. But you use what you got. 

Hopefully it will not be too long until I have a new project I can use After Effects for. It is a program I would love to get a deeper understanding of. 

To nye serier, og Flere illustrasjoner i Serieromaner.

Tiden flyr og bloggen burde vært oppdatert mye oftere. Jeg har lagt ut noen flere illustrasjoner under Serieromaner i dag. Det er to nye i Anna fra Røros, to i Morgensol, og tre i Over Skyene.

Jeg har også lagt til to nye serier jeg illustrerer. Nattlys av Salmund Kyvik, og Papirslottet av May Lis Ruus. Salmund er også forfatteren av serien Mørketid, som jeg hadde gleden av å illustrere. May Lis står bak Nattmannens Datter. Papirslottet er også satt i Bergensområdet, noe May Lis har dyp kjennskap til.

Oppdateringer i Serieromaner.


Jeg har lagt ut en del nye illustrasjoner i nevnte galleri: Anna fra Røros har tre nye illustrasjoner. To til i Hvite Hjerter, samt to til i Morgensol. Over skyene er en ny miniserie av Jorunn Johansen, og jeg illustrerer den samt har gjort omslagsdesignet på. Tårnhuset har også vært ute på markedet en stund. Det er en ny serie av Aud Midtsund som jeg illustrerer og har laget omslagsdesignet på.

Det skjer stadig noe på serieromaner, men foreløpig må jeg holde det hemmelig. Det eneste jeg kan røpe er at det er mye å glede seg til fremover for leserne.

Mvh Kjetil

Röki fan art

My friends Tom and Alex took a big step earlier this year. They decided to co-found their own game studio, Polygon Treehouse! And in April, they revealed their project: 

Röki is a point and click game based on Scandinavian folklore. I've had the pleasure of acting as a consultant on Scandinavia for them. But they don't seem to need much of my help. The keywords for their game is adventure, bravery and MONSTERS! They got a nice design, a cracking storyline, and a very slick art style. I am really looking forward to play it.

Röki's art style really inspired me. In fact, it inspired me so much I went ahead and created some fan art for them. So I sat down and did this painting, and I hope they don't mind.

Röki is planning to be released in 2018. I can't wait to play it!

They also deserve credit for doing a great job with their website! It is really worth a visit. Their blog is a gold mine of interesting articles, tutorials and information. I've learned quite a few handy tricks from their posts.

I wish Polygon Treehouse best of luck with their project. I am very excited to see what they are coming up with.

News in Norwegian - Nettbutikk!

This post is only valid for norwegians, so the rest will be in Norwegian.


Er dette årets julegavetips?

Er du en serieleser, eller kjenner du en serieleser? Da kan dette være en fin julegave for de som allerede har "alt" fra før...

Jeg har med jevne mellomrom fått forespørsler om man kan kjøpe plakater av romanseriene jeg har illustrert. Derfor har jeg laget min egen lille illustrasjons-nettbutikk. Herfra kan du kjøpe postere produsert i høykvalitets digitaltrykk. Du kan finne den i menyen under webshop, eller du kan klikke på denne linken. Foreløpig har jeg lagt ut forsider fra Maria av Svaneberg, Misteltein og Trollkvinne. Men jeg vil legge ut mer i løpet av de nærmeste dagene. Send meg gjerne en mail om ønsker eller forbedringer.

Siden det er ganske mye jobb å lage en nettbutikk, må jeg begynne i det små og bygge meg opp. Derfor har jeg bare lagt ut noen av romanseriene til å begynne med. I tillegg selger jeg kun i Norge. Men jeg planlegger å legge ut flere av arbeidene, og kunne sende til andre land også. Har du spesielle ønsker, kontakt meg gjerne. Leveringstiden skal ligge på ca. 4-5 dager.

Ønsker alle en fin førjulstid!

Remembering Trygve

Most of what happens in life is beyond your control. And some times, bad stuff happens. Our beloved Trygve passed away on the 29th of July, suddenly and unexpected.  We were looking forward to finally spend time together as a family instead of living away from each other in different countries. Only four days before our arrival, the universe had other plans.


Trygve was Ida's older brother. Only 6 months separated them. I met him very soon after we became a couple. From the first second, I instinctively liked him. He quickly became a very good friend. In fact, one of my best friends.

I could say so much about this wonderful man. One of his striking characteristics, was his deep love for all living things. And he surrounded himself with life. There was always a dog or a cat in his presence. His garden was full of beautiful flowers and plants, herbs and fruits. He had a fish pond where not only fish, but snakes, frogs,  and even a turtle had found refugee. Chickens were walking around freely. His dogs were always stray dogs, abused and abandoned creatures whose owners had left to die. Trygve took them in. He gave them proper care and found new homes and families for them, often in Norway. Many dogs owe their life to him.

Everyone I know liked Trygve. And for good reason. He had a warm personality, a great sense of humour, a big smile, and an infectious laughter. He was a well informed man, and I had many good conversations with him. He had a broad range of interests, and there never was a dull moment with him. Instead of getting worked up over issues, he faced them with a smile. "-Kill cruelty with kindness", he said. And he did.

Life is not fair. It never was. Time only goes in one direction. Once our loved ones are lost, they are lost forever. No matter how unfair, we will never get Trygve back. But we can learn from his example. And we can honour his memory. I believe he wanted us all to be happy. And even if it still hurts, and will do for a long time, we need to be happy for the time we have together with those who matter to us. Because you do not know it is the last time you spend together, when it is the last time you spend together.

I am so very grateful I got to know Trygve.

Finally, a (quick) painting.

Our stay in England is coming ever closer to an end. The days are flying by, and they get quickly filled up by packing, housework, parenting, more housework and more parenting. Meanwhile I try to sneak in some website building. There are a few more projects and sketches to look at in the Gallery, there is new artwork in Serieromaner under Anna fra Røros. And even if I should prioritize other things, I did manage to speed paint this one:


I also found this old concept I did about 7 years ago, hidden on an old, dusty hard drive. It was a lot of fun working on it. I don't believe this project is still alive, but I've censored off the logo just in case. Man, I wish I had seen that project come alive.

Anyway, time to bubble-wrap and pack more stuff. We're not there just yet.

House inspection

The last two days has been spent cleaning, packing, and painting. Now we are just waiting for the tenant agency to show up. So it is time for some website work again. 


We have sold of almost all our belongings, trying to bring as little as possible. But the real reason for this blog post is to try the Squarespace blog app.