We made a commercial!

My wife is going to be the instructor for a writing course at Forfatterskolen, a Norwegian online writer’s school. They asked her if she could make a video they could use for marketing. Ida is a highly creative individual, and came up with a really fun idea. Far too ambitious for something that does not have a budget and something we had no time to do, we set out producing it. Ida filmed almost all of the clips herself with our RX-100, it was all assembled in Premiere, and some of the shots have some After FX work on them. I am kind of proud of the music I wrote for it. Garage Band on the iPad is incredibly intuitive, and the only music program I know how to use. It is so much fun to use.

Sometimes it is super fun to blast through something you normally don’t do. There are so many things I have been wanting to do, but never get around to. A project like this is a great way of testing tools and techniques you otherwise would not touch.