Sagaen om emilie, book trailers

I made two animated book trailers for this book series, published by Bladkompaniet. They are illustrated by Ida Skjelbakken. I have Frankensteined her artwork, layered the images and used camera mapping techniques to create depth. I purchased Trapcode Particular to make the snow and logo transition effects., as I wasn’t getting the effects I wanted from vanilla Adobe After Effects. Apart from After Effects, I also used Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I composed the music with Garage Band on my wife’s iPad pro. The book is modelled, textured, animated and rendered with Blender. I also made a particle system with Blender which would have looked great, but the render time was too high. There are some remains of it still in the video, but for the most part it is all Particular.

1 minute version

30 second version


I made the 30 second version first, as it was crucial to release it before the book release. The second trailer builds on the creative language developed in the first video, with a more fleshed out script.