Teaser trailers for Nattergalen

I have produced two trailers for the upcoming book series authored by my better half. I've had a great time using After Effects and Premiere again. They are both great softwares, but After Effects is really cool. Sadly, I rarely use it, as my projects usually doesn't requires it. So I have to re-learn a bunch of stuff every time I open it. Maybe this time around, I will have more time for it. 

The trailer started as a piece of music I wrote in Garage Band on the iPad, being inspired by Ida's script. I added a simple sidescroller with some words and sketches. It was only meant as a little gift to her. But our response from her publisher was really good, and we decided to refine it, finish it and publish it. 

Her publisher also asked if I could produce a shorter version that was better for marketing. So I re-composed the music, re-edited the footage, changed a few things around, and ended up with this.

I am quite pleased with how they both turned out. Ida illustrates her own books, and it is her artwork that is being featured in the trailer. Personally, I am quite pleased with the music I wrote. It is not something I really do, and I wouldn't know how to use any other music software than Garage Band. I just found it very intuitive. I probably should have used better speakers than my earplugs, cheap headphones and internal speakers on my hardware. But you use what you got. 

Hopefully it will not be too long until I have a new project I can use After Effects for. It is a program I would love to get a deeper understanding of.