Amundsen main poster

So after releasing the teaser posters, work ramped up on the main poster. It had started much earlier, with a rather big amount of sketches and approaches. The final result is a merger of several ideas. Director Espen Sandberg wanted a dark poster for his film, and I was very happy to go there.

Amundsen was the first man on the South Pole, but his ultimate goal was to discover the North Pole. He is a man of many achievements, but his character is quite mysterious. His obsession and drive to explore these dark and unwelcoming places, mixed with an enigmatic character was my main inspiration driving my creative process. Again, big thanks to Espen Sandberg and Motion Blur to let me be a part of this adventure.

These days we are staying in my local town of Årnes, giving our daughter a chance to be together with her grandparents. Or maybe it is the other way around? I walked past the cinema the other day, and loved their placement of the big poster in front of their Dolby Atmos hall. Always nice to see something I’ve made on local display. :)