Finally, a (quick) painting.

Our stay in England is coming ever closer to an end. The days are flying by, and they get quickly filled up by packing, housework, parenting, more housework and more parenting. Meanwhile I try to sneak in some website building. There are a few more projects and sketches to look at in the Gallery, there is new artwork in Serieromaner under Anna fra Røros. And even if I should prioritize other things, I did manage to speed paint this one:


I also found this old concept I did about 7 years ago, hidden on an old, dusty hard drive. It was a lot of fun working on it. I don't believe this project is still alive, but I've censored off the logo just in case. Man, I wish I had seen that project come alive.

Anyway, time to bubble-wrap and pack more stuff. We're not there just yet.