Remembering Trygve

Most of what happens in life is beyond your control. And some times, bad stuff happens. Our beloved Trygve passed away on the 29th of July, suddenly and unexpected.  We were looking forward to finally spend time together as a family instead of living away from each other in different countries. Only four days before our arrival, the universe had other plans.


Trygve was Ida's older brother. Only 6 months separated them. I met him very soon after we became a couple. From the first second, I instinctively liked him. He quickly became a very good friend. In fact, one of my best friends.

I could say so much about this wonderful man. One of his striking characteristics, was his deep love for all living things. And he surrounded himself with life. There was always a dog or a cat in his presence. His garden was full of beautiful flowers and plants, herbs and fruits. He had a fish pond where not only fish, but snakes, frogs,  and even a turtle had found refugee. Chickens were walking around freely. His dogs were always stray dogs, abused and abandoned creatures whose owners had left to die. Trygve took them in. He gave them proper care and found new homes and families for them, often in Norway. Many dogs owe their life to him.

Everyone I know liked Trygve. And for good reason. He had a warm personality, a great sense of humour, a big smile, and an infectious laughter. He was a well informed man, and I had many good conversations with him. He had a broad range of interests, and there never was a dull moment with him. Instead of getting worked up over issues, he faced them with a smile. "-Kill cruelty with kindness", he said. And he did.

Life is not fair. It never was. Time only goes in one direction. Once our loved ones are lost, they are lost forever. No matter how unfair, we will never get Trygve back. But we can learn from his example. And we can honour his memory. I believe he wanted us all to be happy. And even if it still hurts, and will do for a long time, we need to be happy for the time we have together with those who matter to us. Because you do not know it is the last time you spend together, when it is the last time you spend together.

I am so very grateful I got to know Trygve.